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Stuck on a Tuesday

Warning for spoilers (but if you’re worried about spoilers, why are you on Tumblr?)

I’m catching up on last week’s Vampire Diaries episode, where we learn Damon and Bonnie are trapped in some alternate universe on the same eternal day, March 10, 1994.

It was a Tuesday.





How I feel when I realize it’s Monday.

Get in the game, or sit in the stands

Get in the game, or sit in the stands

This topic has been on my mind since the beginning of the Ferguson riots.

Everyone has a story — and when journalists on the scene of events report, they offer their own version of what is (or was) happening.

Even when a journalist reports on the poor conduct of media outletscovering an event — and everyone, including myself, is grateful to them for exposing the story — the journalist is involved…

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Hobby Lobby wins, but not for every business?

Hobby Lobby wins, but not for every business?

The Supreme Court decided in a 5-4 opinion that privately held For Profit corporations may be exempt from the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive mandate. Private corporations have the right to a religious identity — which is protected under the First Amendment — as in the case of Hobby Lobby.

I was right. Most of my questions from my November post remain unanswered, but I think that’s likely to…

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Robin wakes up screaming. Barney is there and he holds her close, asking what was wrong. She explains her terrible nightmare that they got divorced and she was separated from the gang and that she missed Barney so much that she settled for Ted and his creepy ways. Barney kisses her and they go back to sleep.

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Don’t wear dark and walk in the middle of the street at night.

Don’t wear dark and walk in the middle of the street at night.

This should be obvious.

But considering it’s summer and teens don’t follow school night curfews anymore, at least for the next several weeks, it’s not.

Kids: I know it’s summer, but streets are still for motor vehicles. In a contest pitting Car against Human, the car will always win. Be careful.

At the very least, don’t wear dark shirts and jeans while you’re wandering aimlessly throughout…

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